Student Travel Guide: Top Five Things to do in Bangkok

While many think of the best destinations being the quite monasteries of the north or the beautiful islands of the south, Thailand’s metropolitan capital offers a mélange of excellent and cheap things to do. The city of almost 16 million people is defined by the old and the new, a modern capital with an ancient history that anyone can appreciate and fall in love with. … Continue reading Student Travel Guide: Top Five Things to do in Bangkok

Oh, Yangon

I went to Myanmar to get lost. The allure of a mysterious land with epic monuments tucked away in unknown villages, with a culture so pure and untouched that one can only describe it as alien, was too much to stay away from. The second I landed in Yangon, I was a person forever changed. The world would never look the same again, I was … Continue reading Oh, Yangon

The Secret to Affordable Long Term Travel

Travel is what you make of it. It certainly is about the experience, but it is presupposed on the experience that you want to have. I have made choices in my life and they have left me here, enjoying a painfully slow 15 hour layover in Moscow, Russia. For most that sounds strange, but for me that has become part of my everyday life. Travel … Continue reading The Secret to Affordable Long Term Travel

A Trip to Estadio Azul

I wrote this blog on August 29th, 2015 describing the utter chaos I experienced at a rivalry match-up between Cruz Azul and Club America in Mexico City. A trip to Estadio Azul 8/29/2015 Pure chaos. The only way to describe what I experienced tonight. That game, in its essence, was something that I had never experienced before and something I will always remember. I have … Continue reading A Trip to Estadio Azul