Canada 🇨🇦

Canada has become one of my favorite destinations. Living in Eugene, Oregon made the western coast of Canada extremely accessible, being reached easily in 7 hours by car or train. While I have not seen too much of the Canadian landscape, I can say that Vancouver has become one of my favorite cities out there. Canada has become much more than mounties, hilarious accents and moose to me now!


The first time I went to Vancouver I was around 11. My family went to both the city and Princess Island with our German family friends. The pictures elude that it was a nice trip, yet I only have vague memories of what the vacation actually included.

Vancouver truly became a part of my world experience when my friends Myles, Josh and Sam and I decided to shoot up there on the Amtrak in 2015. The ride was long and tedious (The Amtrak is not a good mode of transportation) but what awaited was a damn good time. We went to Vancouver for the sights, for the clubs but more importantly for the legal drinking age. Upon arrival we snuck 4 people into a double room in the downtown Comfort in and started one of my most memorable spring breaks.

Downtown Vancouver is unique and diverse, with awesome things to do for practically anyone. The city itself is ultra modern, with sleek green windowed skyscrapers filling the skyline in seemingly every direction. The city is clean, like freakishly clean and safe feeling even at 4 in the morning. They have the most diverse restaurant options I have ever seen with food from practically every corner of the earth within a 1 mile radius.

The city itself is easily navigated by either walking or skytram and has various little pockets to explore during the days. My favorite spots were definitely the Gastown district and the Chinatown. Totally opposite in every way yet enjoyable. Gastown is characterized by their bars, shops and hip eateries. China conversely by their history, inability to change and adherence to the traditions that got them where they are today.

We woke up early and stayed out late, filled our stomachs, partied, drank; a true bacchanalian affair.

Vancouver was so good the first time we couldn’t stay away and decided to venture out to the city by the bay agin in March of 2016, this time with my friends Mai, Jessi, Cam, Jake in addition to Myles and Josh again. Not only did we go to the haunts of spring break past but we explored some new parts of the city, getting lost in the sea of buildings only to come out again in someplace familiar. While the trip was reminiscent of the first, the people certainly make the experience. We went to some of the same clubs, Republic and Caprice, but were much more rowdy than before. Unfortunately the odds were not in our favor on the way out this time. Jessi’s car got broken into and Myles’ died on the way down. Utterly defeated the crew rolled back to Eugene tired and beat down. Nevertheless, I will be back.

Favorite Sights

  • Stanley Park
  • Chinatown
  • Gastown
  • Granville Island
  • Granville Island Food Market

Memorable Bites and Sips

  • Age Ice at Japadog
  • Sesame Balls and Bao New Moon Chinese Bakery
  • Maple Beer
  • Poutine
  • Righteous Japanese BBQ