Student Travel Guide: Top Five Things to do in Bangkok

While many think of the best destinations being the quite monasteries of the north or the beautiful islands of the south, Thailand’s metropolitan capital offers a mélange of excellent and cheap things to do. The city of almost 16 million people is defined by the old and the new, a modern capital with an ancient history that anyone can appreciate and fall in love with. … Continue reading Student Travel Guide: Top Five Things to do in Bangkok

Oh, Yangon

I went to Myanmar to get lost. The allure of a mysterious land with epic monuments tucked away in unknown villages, with a culture so pure and untouched that one can only describe it as alien, was too much to stay away from. The second I landed in Yangon, I was a person forever changed. The world would never look the same again, I was … Continue reading Oh, Yangon

Thai Iced Tea

Let’s talk about one of Thailand’s most famous exports, the one drink that has come to define a Thai food experience in nearly every country around the world. An order that brings out a large glass, cup, drinking apparatus lovingly filled to the brim with what I can only explain as sweet, orange deliciousness; a secret and unknown liquid of a far east concoction, something … Continue reading Thai Iced Tea

Student Travel Guide: Antwerp, Belgium

For me, Antwerp is the mecca of Belgium. It is the city to be in, dine in and take in the beauties that Belgium has to offer. For whatever reason, Antwerp seems to always fall behind other Belgian cities such as Brussels, Bruges and Ghent as the best places to visit in the country. This has no reflection on Antwerp as a city at all, … Continue reading Student Travel Guide: Antwerp, Belgium