Student Travel Guide: Top Five Things to do in Bangkok

While many think of the best destinations being the quite monasteries of the north or the beautiful islands of the south, Thailand’s metropolitan capital offers a mélange of excellent and cheap things to do. The city of almost 16 million people is defined by the old and the new, a modern capital with an ancient history that anyone can appreciate and fall in love with.

IMG_5896 (1)

Take a Boat Trip up the River.

The Chao Praya river majestically cuts through the heart of Bangkok and offers some of the best views of the city. Splitting the city between east and west, the river has access to some of Bangkok’s most amazing monuments and an ancient canal system dotted with floating markets. For the more extravagant traveler, charter a traditional longboat ride for about 30 dollars an hour and experience the old side of Bangkok in an authentic boat. For those that want to get some bang for their buck, head down to Saphan Taksin and charter a taxi boat for about 25 cents US per ride. The boat will slowly wind up the river revealing beautiful Thai and Chinese style architecture while giving you a view of the old city you can’t get anywhere else.


Watch the Sunset from a Rooftop bar

Bangkok is a city of skyscrapers, many of which are host rooftop bars for great views of the city at night. Sip on a handcrafted cocktail and enjoy the lovely Asia scenery in a modern and upscale venue.

Visit Wat Pho and the Grand Palace.

Wat Pho, sitting in the heart of the old city remains the jewel of Bangkok’s Buddhist community. A gigantic complex with a massive golden reclining Buddha and huge pagoda’s dedicated to former Thai Kings, Wat Pho is surely something to see. A UNESCO World Heritage site and an active Buddhist temple, the painted porcelain adorned Wat Pho holds many mysteries to discover. After experiencing the majestic nature of the Wat, walk a short ten minutes to the Grand Palace, a true example of Thai architecture and grandeur. The enormous palace complex is filled with Pagodas, temples and the residence of the King. The Emerald Temple remains as one of the most ornate buildings in the world with the exterior covered in gold leaf and emeralds.


Indulge in the Street Food.

The streets of Bangkok have something delicious waiting for you at every turn. Street vendors hock delightful taste treats seemingly all day, all over the city. Make sure to try the Tom Yum soup for an authentic Bangkok experience. It’s sweet and spicy combo will make you come back for another bowl time and time again. If it’s desserts you fancy, make sure to grab some mango sticky rice with sweet coconut sauce. It’s savory and fresh components have made it a world-renowned dessert that Bangkokians can’t get enough of.




Explore the Markets.

Bangkok is home to some of the largest markets in the world. Get lost in Chatuchak market in the north of the city. The market boasts nearly 9,000 stalls ranging from clothing, food, Thai handicrafts and anything in between.


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