One Week

In one week my life will change for ever.

In one week nothing will be the same.

I go on an adventure that will feed my soul, that will define me as a person.

In one week i fly from Los Angeles to Paris, leaving everything I know, everyone I have ever met and the life from my past.

Albuquerque, Eugene, Los Angeles; soon to be a figment, the defining features of my life that have molded me.

For what ever reason, my wanderlust has kept me up at night.

It is the drive and fire that moves me, that gives me hope for the future.

For the last month I haven’t been able to sleep

The anticipation is hard.

Its painful—

I feel like I have been standing on the edge of a cliff looking into the water below, every inch of me waiting to jump, but something keeps holding me back

It feels like a safety net, made of inhibitions, second guessing, self doubt

In one week the safety net comes off, I am liberated

In one week, I step into the fire.

In one week I take the plunge.

And I couldn’t be more excited.




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